Monday, April 21, 2008


Friday night I went to a rodeo with a friend of mine.

I'm no stranger to rodeos. The "Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo" came to Colorado Springs every summer for a week. It started off with a big parade and pancake street breakfast... and a LOT of the businesses would have "rodeo week", where all the employees would dress up western (bank tellers, wait-staff, etc). I LOVED the rodeo. So I was very excited to go the other night!

It was "tough enough to wear pink" night. All the cowboys wore pink shirts to support breast cancer research. Maybe they looked a little gay, but there was still a lot of eye candy for me!!

Not only were there cute cowboys, but it was just a lot of fun. Complete with a crazy bull that decided to lay down, a bullrider getting knocked out (he was okay), and a bucking bronco that just refused (3 times!!!) to leave the gate!

The rodeo was part of the Midwestern Horse Fair that comes here every year I guess. My friend Angie's mom has some land and owns some horses, and they were scoping out some mustangs that were up for auction. They went home empty handed, though. While we were walking around the barns looking at horses, we saw some that were ENORMOUS. They really scared me. They were big, and midnight black, and had long black manes that hung in front of their face. My friends daughter said it reminded her of "The Grudge". I don't remember the name of the breed... I'm such a good blogger.

OOh! I just looked it up on Wikipedia. It's the Friesian horse.


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