Thursday, May 1, 2008


Do you know what brings me joy more than anything else on this planet Earth?

Can you guess?

I bet you'll never guess.

Lint. More specifically other peoples lint.

When I'm washing clothes in the laundry room here at my apartment, and I open the dryer door to fling my wet clothes in there, and I see that someone didn't empty the lint trap.... there is no greater pleasure in my life than emptying it for them.

The soft, fluffy lint that came from some other persons clothes. Some strangers underwear. YES!!!!

Oh, wait...... nevermind. I just remember that that is one of the things I HATE most.


Teri said...

I caught the sarcasm.

I HATE cleaning up after other folks.

Grant Miller said...

Cleaning the lint trap on our drier is one of my favorite household chores. I'm not sure why.

Nobody™ said...

I can top that. I spent hours cleaning the bathroom and break area at work. I spent over 20 minutes scrubbing off the countertop. The next day some slob came in and chewed his fingernails off and spit them out on the counter. I think murder should be justified in cases like that.

Anonymous said...

I like to peel it off the dryer screeen. It gives me a sense of acccomplishment. "Look how much laundry I did!"

Did you know you can wet it and use it like clay?? You can make animals! KOOKY fun!

BeckEye said...

What a bunch of lint lickers.