Monday, May 26, 2008

My trip...

We had a very nice time in Michigan. And the traffic wasn't horrible either way!!

We arrived in Grand Rapids about 11:30 pm on Friday night. I always get lost right as I'm getting around all the exits I need to take to get to their house.

Oh... and the people I went to visit? My ex-in-laws. Crazy, right? Most people don't want to visit the in-laws they have, and here I am visiting my ex-in-laws. They are my kids' grandparents... and they are really awesome people. I'm very thankful to have them in my life, and now so close, and that we are still able to have a great relationship even though I am divorced from their son.

Speaking of which, he flew in from Texas (and boy are his arms tired), and saw my kids for the first time in 6 years. They've grown quite a bit since then (they are taller than him even!), so it was nice that he was able to do that. I still get along with him just fine, too.

I also met my nephew for the first time. He was born exactly a year ago.. and he was 3 months early. He had quite a rough start... but you'd never know it now (except he's a little small for his age). He's crawling and pulling himself up, and very cute and smart and good-natured!
Anyway... Friday night we were pretty pooped after our 6 hour drive, so we went to bed. Saturday we all drove up to Pentwater, Michigan where the in-laws have a trailer very close to Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful day, and we visited and sat in the sun and grilled and the boys drove the golf cart around... just a bunch of fun!

Sunday we left the trailer around noon to get home in time to clean up and have the boys and their grandpa go pick up their dad from the airport. Then more grilling and we all went to see Indiana Jones (trust me, you can wait for it to come out on DVD...)

Then this morning is when my sister-in law and nephew came over for some brunch, and later in the day more people showed up (aunts, uncles, grandmas) and we had some lunch and just more good visiting.

The boys and I left about 3:30, and I got lost leaving, but eventually figured it out. Traffic was just fine going back, too. So thanks for that, Chicago peeps!!

I'll have some funnier trip stories soon, but right now I'm exhausted.

Hope you all had weekends as great as mine!


Mel said...

So glad you had a nice weekend and even gladder (is that a word??) to see a post from you :)

Superwoman said...

It's always nice to have a wonderful weekend. I'm glad you had one.

Some Guy said...

I'm glad my fellow Michiganders were accommodating!

Grant Miller said...

Sorry you had to drive through Indiana.