Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How Lame am I?

June TENTH was my last post??? I guess that is what happens when you start having an actual life, with friends, and family, and a super awesome boyfriend (yes, after about a year and a half "alone", I am now in an actual relationship).

Truth be told, there are times that I have little "I should totally put that on my blog" moments. I can't think of any right now, though.

The boys are doing pretty good. Mike is in football again, and loving it. Shane is staying out of trouble and happy hanging out with his friends.

Work is... a job I'm very happy to have. I haven't been moved in about a year now (amazing), although I did have some ergonomics chick come and show me how my desk, chair, keyboard should be, then a couple dudes (one with a bad eye) came and overhauled my work area. The desk is a little crooked (which I think may have something to do with bad eye dude), but I'm much happier now that everything is at the right height. Wow... interesting crap I have to write about, huh?

FACEBOOK. Ugh. Please find me on there. I'm wasting most of my time there now. I have at least 2 farms, an ocean, a flower thingy, a restaurant, a pet named Horatio, ... I don't know what else. It's fun, although I'm getting all arthritic and carpal tunnell-y because of it. Can I sue Facebook for that?

Need a pic? Here is what I found when I Google image searched "Lame". Enjoy. I'll try to blog more. And thanks, Blue Beak, for the b-day wishes!!


Sans Pantaloons said...

Life is good!
Glad all is well, apart from the arthritic and carpal tunnel issue with your Facebook use.

I know you are having a GREAT Birthday!

Sports Princess said...

I miss you & your funny posts. Facebook is simply not enough. That's all for now.

PS... The word verification below is 'knolise'.

That must be some weird Wisconsin thing eh?