Monday, June 30, 2008

My un-boring life...

To be honest, my life has been anything BUT boring. In fact, some would say I've been having too much fun (and they are probably right). However, being the nice girl that you all think I am, I can't really post about un-boring stuff.

The "good" stuff that I can post about involves silly crap that no one really cares about.

Like, weather radios. I bought one. It's annoying as HELL. When there is a storm, it goes off every 2 fucking seconds. I'm sure it would be helpful in the middle of the night, but in the daytime I'm pretty aware that there is a goddamn storm, thank you very much. Of course, I wouldn't want to be without one, either.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.... The National Weather Service has issued a blahbedy blah blah blah for the following counties (and they should really probably list the counties it doesn't affect, that would take far less time and energy).

So, my mom decided I needed a different weather radio. The fire stations were selling them for cheap, and Charlie Shortino (one of our local weather dudes) says this brand is the best.

I'll hook it up to humor her, but I can't imagine it's really any different than the one I bought. I'm cringing at the thought of programming it and hooking it up. I'm sure it's equally as annoying.

More "good" things involve my cat rescue organization. We recently bought a shelter for the feral cats (oxymoronic??). To save some money, we are doing much of the work ourselves. Yesterday I went to help out with some drywall sanding and painting on primer. Tough work for a soft sissy girl who sits at a desk all day. Hopefully it will make the kitties happy.

Lastly, I've started getting "The Sopranos" from Netflix. I never had HBO, and never watched an episode before.

I think I'm in love with Tony Soprano. He is just a mega-stud.

The "bad". Well, I'll just say that "bad" isn't really bad.

The "ugly". Well, I'll just say that if the cops come to my house one more time I'm gonna have to open a donut shop.


Nobody™ said...

Which radio is supposed to be good? I really haven't used any of my Midlands yet, the one I did program NEVER goes off, even for the tests. If you have the correct SAME code programmed in they should only go off for your county. Some can be programmed to ignore annoying shit they only sound the alarm for tornado warnings and such. My 10 yr old RadioShack model seems to work pretty well.

I hate drywalling.

I loved the Sopranos.

I won't tell you what I would do with feral cats.

Amy said...

I was using the midlands one, my mom bought me a reecom (sounds cheap). I think I have the correct code programmed, but the last storms were affecting MANY counties (especially the flooding, as you know), there were just tons of warnings for T-storms, flooding, flash-flooding, tornados... alien invasions...

Nobody™ said...

I haven't tried any of the Reecom units yet. I'll have to try to get my hands on one sometime. My understanding is that they are good.