Friday, July 18, 2008

Something I've discovered...

So, earlier tonight I was feeling... restless. My last post was all about that, actually. I just didn't know what to do with myself. Some girlfriends and I made plans to do a fish-fry and then just chill with some wine at one of their houses... and then that kinda fell through.

Before those plans were actually made, I had decided I was going to go to the mall, or more specifically Borders and Barnes and Noble. So, since the plans fell through I went ahead with my bookstore plans.

As soon as I walked into Borders, and took in the book/paper/Seattle's Best coffee smell all my troubles went away. All those icky, stupid girl feelings were lifted. I love you, Borders.

I just walked through all the aisles, looking at books I want, books I might want, picking some up and flipping through, reading the back... enjoying the feel of the smooth cover, and the rougher feel of the paper.

I like looking at the childrens books, too. Finding some of my favorites. I have a secret wish to read the Sweet Valley High books again, but I'm not gonna buy them. Gotta find them in a library. Oh, and look... the Little Engine that Could!! And the Mercer Mayer "Little Monster" books! And Golden Books The Pokey Little Puppy!! I loved it.

And now for something completely different.

The past few weeks I've had some interesting events that I've not shared with you.

I'm sharing now.

The weekend before July 4th was an event here in Madison called "Rhythm and Booms". Bands, music, crazy people and fireworks. I loved it. Here is a photo of me enjoying the shittiest expensive pizza I've ever eaten:

The 4th of July was spent with my family, and my cousin who had totally illegal fireworks that were LOUD. All the guys were outside most of the time being pyros, and us girls stayed in and watched the most ridiculous show I've ever seen in my life "Dancing Machine" on ABC. Just google it if you're that interested. Anyway, it was really a pretty fun day.

Last weekend was crazy busy. Friday night was my friend Heather's 30th birthday. She had a pretty tame barbeque at her house, and it was really a fun time. I met a couple girls there (Bridget and Erin) who invited me to Erin's Bachelorette Party the next day.

Saturday I did a "Betty Lou" cruise around Lake Monona. Here are some pics:

Last but not least was the Bachelorette Party, and here are some pics of that:

Heather and I (the new 30 year old)

Me and Tracy

The whole group

So there is an update. God bless you if you don't think I'm lame.


Flannery Alden said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Borders has the same effect on me.

Sans Pantaloons said...

You are a PARTAY animal! Pretty Hawt too!!
I like Borders, and all bookshops and stationary shops in general. All that organised order...

coffeypot said...

You look great and you are not lame. I also love browsing book stores - any book store or sectopn.

Superwoman said...

Sushi and I will often go to Barnes and Noble and do just that, hang out, try not to spend too much money on books, let the kids browse the kids section (we used to let them play with the thomas the tank engine set but they got rid of that- dangit). Sushi will often times beg me to just go and we go quite often, I guess I'm a softie, bookstores are great. I need to get better about the local library though, it's much less expensive. It looks like you have had a fun few days. It's go great to hang out with friends.

Teri said...

Great pics, Amy. Looks like you're having some good times, even when plans fall through.

mixednut said...

Great pics Amy!