Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cheese Days!!!

Yesterday I went to Green County Cheese Days. You'll never guess what they had there. Cheese as far as the eye could see. Any flavor, any texture, any aroma. I even attempted to eat a Limburger, Salami and Onion sandwich. I got a few bites down, but... eww.

Also there were many dairy items. Whodathunk. Here is a delicious cream puff that was served to me by the Dairy Queen (not the restaraunt). It was decadent!

Would there be cows at Cheese Days? Of course. Here are some cute baby ones... or calves if you prefer, but baby cows sounds cuter.

Cow art. Neato.

There was a milking contest. One boy was just yanking away... I felt sorry for the cow. Check out the crowd that this event drew! People in these parts like them some cow milking contests!

There was polka-ing and yodeling galore.

Me being a complete idiot. Moooo.


Dale said...

I hope you at least said 'cheese' as that photo was being snapped! Looks like a tasty day.

Some Guy said...

Cheese Day should be a nationally recognized holiday and you should get it off from work. Great stuff, Amy!

coffeypot said...

I wish I was there. I love cheese, but it makes me stopped up and feel like those calf pictures.

Nobody™ said...

I've heard of Monroe, someone once told me they had cheese there.. But I've never been there.

But one time we stopped in Fennimore and bought cheese curds on our way home from Milwaukee. They were delicious! They just aren't the same when you buy them in the store as they are when they are only a few hours old.

Amy said...

Nobody-Yes, the fresh curds put the store bought ones to shame.

Chris-I agree there should be a nationally recognized Cheese Day. That would rock. Lets start a petition.

I totally said Cheese, Dale.

Coffeypot- It was easy to get very full very fast eating all of this stuff, but I managed to not get too stopped up, I'm sure you will be happy to know.

coffeypot said...

Happy for you and your movement.

Grant Miller said...

I may be visiting Mad Town soon. I'll ask around about you if I get up there.

Amy said...

Grant- make sure you do. I've got quite the reputation.

Superwoman said...

I love these cute little local festivals. It is so fun to go to them! Looks like a fun day.