Friday, September 5, 2008

Is it possible to suck any more???

Probably not.

I haven't blogged in a while, if you couldn't tell. But let me tell you all the wonderful and exciting crap that has been happening in my life!

Um... lets see...

I started working for a different "contract" at work. Today I moved all my shit to a new desk, away from all the people I have come to know and love, and in a new area next to a lady who I have seen had wet her pants and a dude who ALWAYS has his hands in his pockets. Oh, and because I'm working a new contract, I got put back on audits to make sure I know what the hell I'm doing. It sucks seriously major ass. But, I have a new supervisor, and he seems pretty laid back and supportive. And, I volunteered for this, it isn't like it happened because I'm a horrible employee or something. No pay raise or anything, but whatever.


Last weekend I experienced my first bar-hopping Saturday after the Badger Game (didn't go to the game, just the bars).


Beer, Brats and Badgers. I'm now officially living in Wisconsin. It was great! Lots and lots of RED. My friend and I kept joking, "have you seen so and so? They have a red shirt on...". We thought we were fucking hilarious.


Jen, I sent out the card and hope it has arrived and you are still basking in the glory of mail from me.


My kids started school THANK YOU JESUS.


Jen said...

I got it!! I got it!!!

It was glorious..!

And so it begins

I shall call it
"where's the card"

stay tuned for post

coffeypot said...

I'm glad you are back - for how ever long it will be. I don’t' know what to think of you people who put work and family and church and community activates and chasing a badger from bar to bar for some fucking reason ahead of blogging. It’s beyond me.

Nobody™ said...

My kids were wearing red Wisconsin shirts one day. We went out to eat. There was an Iowa football game on TV, but I don't follow football. Everyone glared at us. We didn't know why. Then we realized that Iowa was playing Wisconsin. Oops.

Sans Pantaloons said...

I'm sorry about the dude who plays pocket billiards, I hope things settle down at work, and you get to enjoy your new role.

Oh, and yes, PARTAY ON!

Falwless said...

I feel for you. I am moving cubicles this coming Tuesday. Fucking sucks. CHANGE. DO. NOT. LIKE.