Monday, October 27, 2008

I've been busy!

And it hasn't been fun busy at all.

Let's just say it involves my kids, and it's a freakin' miracle I have a single hair left in my head.

But, since I like to consider myself a good mother, I'll not tell of all the stuff my kids (or one in particular really) have been putting me through.

Instead, I will list the things I have NOT been doing to keep busy.

1. See High School Musical 3

2. Bake a cake

3. Spend the millions I won from lottery scratch tickets

4. Watch the Brewers win the World Series

5. Learn an exciting new dance

6. Knit sweaters for the homeless

7. Visit Bora Bora

8. Stand in line for the new Google phone

9. Go to the spa for a mani/pedi massage facial day (but JESUS I could really use something like that)

10. Drag Racing


coffeypot said...

But think of the stories you will have in old age.

Grant Miller said...

I'm glad we found another unsuspecting family to take our kids to see "HSM III."

Although, that Ashley Tisdale...

Sans Pantaloons said...

There's something strange about that poster Amy. I'll need to have a closer look...

Jen said...

November 13, 2008
A demand a new post!

just sayin'