Monday, March 30, 2009

Know what I really hate???

That the 10 key pad and the numbers on the phone aren't the same.

That sucks.

I dial wrong numbers all day long.

Someone evil came up with this plan... Bastard.

In other news, I TOTALLY want that keyboard in the picture that I found while searching for a pic for this post. It would make my work day waaaaayyy funner.


Nobody™ said...

why is it that the phone is backwards? Or upside down, or whatever it is? I agree that they should math the 10-key pad, I'm way faster with that.

Sans Pantaloons said...

I still have a dial. I hate numbers with lots of zeros.

coffeypot said...

So, do we change the phone to be like the keypad or the keypad to be like the phone? We didn’t have problems like this when we had rotary dial phones and calculators…and secretaries to operate both.

Sports Princess said...

I think you might need a raise to actually buy the keyboard... but you're halfway to your birthday so maybe add it to your wishlist?

Here's where to find it...